Rum cocktail and chocolate: NIO Cocktails and Majani 1796 together for a tasting experience

Rum cocktail and chocolate: NIO Cocktails and Majani 1796 together for a tasting experience

NIO Cocktails and Majani 1796 present their sophisticated collaboration to offer you a unique and complete tasting experience, inspired by the sweet and enveloping flavour of chocolate and the irresistible quality of NIO Cocktails.

Tasting to discover new flavours

"Tasting": the collaboration between NIO Cocktails and Majani 1796 is born from this concept and they two together offer a complete tasting experience. From the ancient recipes of the master chocolatiers of Casa Majani, to the most exclusive and innovative of NIO Cocktails, which for the occasion, has created a special cocktail, the "1832" that contains the full flavours and the magical sensations that only chocolate can remind.

Tasting is a concept that goes well beyond the simple "eating" or "drinking", because it adds to these two basic actions of daily life an important plus: knowledge. With tasting, eating and drinking become an experience: new flavours, new realities and new unexpected combinations.

It is precisely the theme of cocktails and food, the so-called "food pairing", that the collaboration between Majani 1796 and NIO Cocktails interprets perfectly.

1832 Experience Majani NIO Cocktails

Combining cocktail and food is now a trend in vogue. It was born between New York and Los Angeles, a pioneer city of food pairing, and today is also widely used in Italy, where he cocktail no longer stops at the aperitif, but goes until after dinner, representing an innovative alternative of equal quality, compared to the classic sweet wine or limoncello.

Thanks to NIO Cocktails and Majani 1796 you can surprise your guests by offering an unexpected after dinner that will surely remain in their memories.

The 1832 Majani Cocktail Experience

The exclusive Box "1832 Majani Cocktail Experience" made by NIO Cocktails and Majani 1796 is designed for two people and contains:

  • 2 NIO Cocktails 1832
  • 2 Scorza Grezza bars by Majani 1796

The NIO Cocktails 1832 takes its name from the year of creation of the first solid chocolate in Italy by the historic company Majani 1796 and called the "Chocolate Zest". This signature cocktail omes from a recipe by Patrick Pistolesi, to enhance the flavour of chocolate with the best spirits:

  • il Rum Blanc Agricole from Martinica Clément "Canne Bleue"
  • il Bols liqueur "Crème de Cacao White"

Like any NIO Cocktails, the 1832 is handcrafted by our master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, using only the highest quality spirits to allow you to enjoy the best mixology experience.

The"Scorza Majani" is a friable dark chocolate created with a secret recipe of 4 cocoa blends and is produced with the ancient method that the master chocolatiers are handed down from generation to generation. To further enhance its characteristics comes the Scorza grezza 90%, a cold-worked chocolate, without passing either in the basin or in the refiner. In this way the dough preserves the granularity of the cocoa paste obtained by grinding the toasted grain.
In addition, the temperament by hand amplifies the aromatic bouquet. Intense and persistent on the palate, it is perfect for a moment of sublime tasting,

All this is contained in a Box with a unique vintage design, perfect to make an original gift and definitely appreciated by those who love quality and excellence.

1832 Experience Majani NIO Cocktails

Create the perfect opportunity

Now we will help you to immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere that NIO Cocktails and Majani 1796 want to offer you the 1832 Experience.

magine a winter evening, at the end of a busy week of work. Going out and immerse yourself again in the cold and traffic is not an option. What you need is just a relaxing opportunity, to share with a loved one in the warmth and hospitality that only your home can give you. You just have to invite to dinner, or for an after dinner, the person best suited to share this moment with you.

At this point turn on the dim lights and put on the table a delicious dinner. But the evening is not yet over: missing the final touch that will turn your quiet dinner into aunique taste experience; add the touch of sweetness that was missing.

Grab your "1832 Experience" Box and two ice-filled glasses. Shake your NIO Cocktails 1832, tear and pour. Now you just have to accompany it with a Scorza Grezza Majani 90% bar, for you and for those who share with you this special evening: the perfect after dinner is served..

Give yourself and your guest a unique tasting experience and relax trying new flavours, nowhere to be found elsewhere.


Majani and NIO Cocktails: a combination of quality

Majani was born in 1796 in a small Bolognese workshop and has always been a reference point for the world of quality chocolate. Teresina Majani, founder of the oldest family of chocolatiers in Italy, realizes the first delights of the Ancient House. In 1832 the "Scorza Chocolate" was born which inspired our collaboration, and over the years the brand’s popularity grew more and more by associating its name with that of FIAT, for the launch of the Fiat Tipo 4 car (hence the 4 layers). Today, as in the past, Majani 1796 realizes his chocolate masterpieces still following the traditional production methods and the ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation. The historical expertise of the company is reflected today as yesterday in the excellent quality of its products that continue to sweeten the palates of Italians.

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