The Secret of the Best 3 Campari Cocktails from Italy

The Secret of the Best 3 Campari Cocktails from Italy

Adding a bold flavor and bitter punch to any cocktail, Campari has always been a popular liqueur.

If you’re wondering what ingredients are used to make Campari, then join the club as the recipe is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets! With the summer season on its way, now is the perfect time to sit outside, soak up the sun, and indulge in a delightfully refreshing Campari-based cocktail. Here are the 3 best Campari cocktails that Italy has to offer.

1. Milano-Torino Campari Cocktail

Milano-Torino Campari cocktail

First served at Gaspare Campari’s Milan cafe in 1860, the Milano-Torino has been a classic Campari cocktail for decades. Often referred to as a Mi-To by its fans, it can be said that this cocktail was a blueprint for aperitif classics.

This classic cocktail simply features vermouth from Turin (Torino in Italian) and Campari from Milan (Milano in Italian) to create its distinct yet charming flavor. You can easily see how it earned its name. Where Campari is typically too bitter to drink straight, pairing it with vermouth to create the Milano-Torino offers a wonderfully balanced blend for any occasion.

Garnished with an orange twist, the Mi-To has an air of sophistication and a natural coolness that will take you back to simpler times.

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2. Frozen Negroni Bitter Campari Cocktail

Frozen Negroni Campari cocktail

With good temperatures what could be better than having a relaxing afternoon with a classic Negroni cocktail in hand? How about taking it that extra step further and having it frozen instead? You can easily turn your favorite cocktail into an ice-cold slushie that you will drink in one gulp! Its vibrant color and bittersweet flavor will make the frozen Negroni cocktail all the more refreshing.

The Negroni is the perfect blend of gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, and bitters. If you're planning on using your NIO Negroni Cocktail, then simply pour into a blender full of ice and blend away to achieve the perfect frozen cocktail. Add a little orange garnish on the side of the glass for decoration and transport yourself to the gorgeous Italian coast.

The Negroni was created in 1919 by Count Camillo, who wanted something stronger than the regular Mi-To, so he added gin. Thus the dry, bittersweet Negroni we all know and love was born. Perfectly balanced and the ultimate aperitif, we guarantee you'll love this punchy cocktail!

3. Campari Prosecco Cocktail

Campari Spritz cocktail

When you think of favorite Italian Campari cocktails to enjoy, the Campari Prosecco cocktail, otherwise known as the Campari Spritz, will more than likely come to mind. Sweet, bubbly, and refreshing, this cocktail is ideal for summer occasions or as an aperitif. One sip of the Campari Prosecco cocktail, and you'll be taken straight back to a beautiful and bustling Italian piazza.

The spritz was invented in the 1800s in Italy to water down sparkling wine with soda water. While the Aperol Spritz came first, people soon were looking for something slightly stronger, so the Campari Spritz was born! Featuring Campari, sparkling Italian wine, or perhaps even some champagne if you're really looking to impress, and soda water, this easy-to-make cocktail will always be a winner.

The Campari Spritz is the ultimate Italian summer cocktail, served over ice and with either an orange or lemon slice garnish.

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